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We've Had Several Calls for Odor Removal Recently. Here's Why:

It's mid-Winter and we've received several calls for odor removal in the past few weeks. Here are some common winter reasons your vehicle may be smelling foul:

  • Food Spills and Smells: Whether you're taking the turkey to Thanksgiving, or driving a car full of tweens during winter break, you will inevitably have food and drink spills in your vehicle that carry on long afterwards. To remedy this, schedule a Gold Detail to have your carpets and seats thoroughly shampooed and your air vents cleaned.

  • Wet Passengers and Pets: Outdoor activities in the winter mean a lot of clothing layers and gear, along with a way of transporting it all. On the way to the mountains or sled hill, everyone is excited and buzzing. After hours in the snow, everyone is exhausted and freezing. The gear and layers are dumped into the vehicle, drip drying on the way home. And if you forget to take out the wet gear, you can have a worse problem - musty mildew smells. Add pets to the mix, and you generally have that lovely "wet pet" smell and maybe some soaked pet hair stuck to carpets, windows and seats. To remedy this, schedule a Gold Detail to deep clean and freshen your carpet, seats, vents and glass and get rid of musty smells and pet hair. Add our pet hair removal service if necessary.

  • Running Your Heater: Sometimes your vehicle may be completely clean and pleasant inside, until you turn on your heater. Then it just smells. You know what I mean. And we know how to remedy this: schedule a Silver Detail and have us pull out and replace your air cabin filter as well. Air cabin filters are not easy to replace if you haven't done it before, and most mechanics don't suggest replacing them if you don't bring it up. We do. We find that "invisible" smells originate in one of two places- your dirty air cabin filter or in spills under your carpets or seats that you cannot see. If a dirty air cabin filter is not the culprit, then we may need to bump the detail to a Gold Detail so we can shampoo/steam your seats, and remove them if necessary to thoroughly clean under them.

At Park's Precision Detailing, we've detailed hundreds of vehicles. If your vehicle is smelling foul, and you can't figure out why, drop by 1047 N State St #4 in Orem, Utah, and we can help you figure it out. Better yet, we can schedule a Gold or Silver Detail for you and get this issue resolved once and for all.

Happy Driving and Safe Travels from your friends at PPD Orem.


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