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We only use the best brands at Park's Precision Detailing. We are proud to partner with Gliptone Products for our GT Quartz Nano Ceramic Coatings.

Nano Ceramic Coatings are completely different from traditional waxes and other paint sealants. While traditional waxes provide excellent gloss and protection to the paint's surface, once installed they typically last around 90 days. Nano Ceramic Coatings bond to the paint directly, providing enhanced paint protection and high gloss that takes years to wear down. Ceramic makes your paint easy to maintain, year after year; a quick rinse and wipe produces high shine.

GT Quartz has expanded their Ceramic Coating line to coat, enhance and protect your vehicle's Leather, Trim, Glass, Rims and Wheels. Ceramic Coatings make it easy to keep your vehicle looking its best, inside and out.