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Parks Precision Detailing Orem

Paint Correction - Deep Cut Polish

Correct surface scratches and swirls on paint.

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What to Expect:

Paint Correction is needed to keep your paint looking great by removing contaminants and water spots on your vehicle's clear coat; everyday scratches and swirl marks from tree branches, automatic car washes, and dirty sponges/rags; and light paint transfer. It is highly recommended that you protect your vehicle's newly-polished paint with a Ceramic Coating. Ceramic Coating chemically bonds to your vehicle's paint, sealing and protecting your paint, and delivers a high-gloss shine that is guaranteed to last for years. Paint Correction Includes: Handwash Exterior Remove Contaminants from Paint Apply Buffing Compound Buff Paint, Removing Surface Scratches and Swirls Pricing: Paint Correction starts at $135/per hour. Every vehicle is unique when it comes to paint correction, and the time necessary to repair paint varies widely on the contaminants and damages that we are removing. To make estimating easier for our clients, below are the average times we spend on vehicles brought in for paint correction. Average Time for Similarly-Sized Vehicles: Extra Small Vehicles: 5 hours Small Vehicles: 6 hours Medium Vehicles: 6 hours Large Vehicles: 7 hours Extra-Large Vehicles: 8 hours Oversized/Unique Vehicles: Request Quote


All prices are estimates based on our average time spent on similarly sized vehicles. If additional time is required to complete a job in its entirety due to your vehicle’s condition, we will provide you with an estimate of the additional time necessary and an estimated additional cost. Please allow 24 hours' notice to cancel appointment. Thanks!

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