Silver Detail

What to Expect:

Our Silver Detail is the perfect package for maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle, inside and out. We start by bringing your vehicle indoors into one of our climate-controlled bays. We open vehicle doors, remove all car mats, and thoroughly vacuum your vehicle’s interior, including trunk and cargo space. We clean and sanitize the interior surfaces to remove dust and bacteria and leave nothing but clean! Next, we hand wash your vehicle using a high-PH foam cannon and boars' hair brushes, followed by a soft water rinse. Finally, we use high-pressure air to dry your vehicle, preventing water spots and streaks. We recommend our Silver Detail Package every 3 to 4 months to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness inside and out. Our Silver Detail Package Includes the Following: • Remove all floor mats from vehicle and vacuum thoroughly • Vacuum interior, including in and around seats, tracks, door pockets, and trunk/cargo space • Clean and sanitize interior surfaces, including dashboard, armrests, door handles, console, cubbies and cupholders with high-pressure enzyme spray to remove bacteria, dirt, and odors • Clean dashboard screens, rear-view mirror, and visor mirrors to a streak-free shine • Clean & dry inside of door windows to a streak-free shine • Hand wash exterior using a high-PH foam cannon and boars’ hair brushes • Hand wash wheels and apply vinyl sealant to tires for shine and protection • Dry exterior glass, plastics & mirrors with high-pressure air to a streak-free finish • Fresh Air Scent Wafers Duration: 4 to 6 hours Pricing starting from: Extra Small: $169 Small: $199 Medium: $239 Large Vehicles: $289 Extra-Large Vehicles: $349 Oversized/Unique Vehicles: Request a Quote


All prices are estimates based on our average time spent on similarly sized vehicles. If additional time is required to complete a job in its entirety due to your vehicle’s condition, we will provide you with an estimate of the additional time necessary and an estimated additional cost. Please allow 24 hours' notice to cancel appointment. Thanks!