Ceramic Coating 4.0

What to Expect:

Tsunami Ceramic Coating 4.0 is a clear nano-ceramic formulation providing an additional protective layer that protects against harmful UV rays, oxidation, dirt, grime, oil, salt, sand, bird droppings, insect impact and acid rain. Tsunami Ceramic 4.0 reaches a 9H hardness with one installation, stands heat in excess of 1300c, is super hydrophobic and scratch resistant. Tsunami 4.0 produces an exceptional level of gloss and depth of color with a longevity of 4+ years. PRICING: Extra-Small Vehicles from $1,149 Small Vehicles from $1,249 Medium Vehicles from $1,369 Large Vehicles from $1,509 Extra-Large Vehicles from $1,669 *Pricing includes standard prep and installation on new vehicles. Paint Correction may be necessary for some vehicles and is priced per hour. We provide paint correction estimates in person only.


All prices are estimates based on our average time spent on similarly sized vehicles. If additional time is required to complete a job in its entirety due to your vehicle’s condition, we will provide you with an estimate of the additional time necessary and an estimated additional cost. Please allow 24 hours' notice to cancel appointment. Thanks!