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Parks Precision Detailing Orem

GT Quartz Rims and Wheels

Keep Your Wheels, Rims & Calipers Clean

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  • Suite 4

What to Expect:

GT Quartz Rims/Wheels Coating keeps your wheels and rims cleaner, longer. Dirt and brake dust easily wash off keeping rims and calipers looking their best. GT Quartz Rims/Wheels Coating forms a semi-permanent, chemical bond to protect your Rims, Wheels and Calipers against permanent brake dust staining and road grime contaminants. When applied before installation, GT Quartz Rims/Wheels Coating helps to maintain the original finish and condition of your new rims, calipers and wheels. Properly coated and maintained rims, wheels and calipers last 1 to 3 years. Pricing starting from: Request a Quote


All prices are estimates based on our average time spent on similarly sized vehicles. If additional time is required to complete a job in its entirety due to your vehicle’s condition, we will provide you with an estimate of the additional time necessary and an estimated additional cost. Please allow 24 hours' notice to cancel appointment. Thanks!

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